HHS Broadside

The members of the class of 2018 throw their caps in the air at graduation on June 15. Sarah Bozuwa was the master of ceremonies, while Robbie Barnum and Margaret Parish were the main student speakers. Teacher Hal Bourne was the commencement speaker.

Graduating Members of the HHS Class of 2018

Adam, Lincoln Doane Adner, Ethan ** Alavilli, Anoushka Priya Ankner-Edelstein, Beaven C Baker, Holly May * Bandler, Johanna Holcombe Baran, Sophia Barnum, Douglas Robert Barrowes, Earl Joji Baughman, Morgan Graham Beliveau, Samuel C Berendsen,...

The band at the mega concert. Photography provided by Ian Gollub.

What My Father Thinks: Mega Concert Edition

The air was already sticky with late May humidity and the body heat from hundreds of parents, friends, and siblings settling onto the gym bleachers. For those readers who have only seen athletic events...