Weight Room Shirt Ban

Last week, a shirt ban in the weight room was announced by Hanover Athletics. A Schoology update was posted that read, “All students who intend to use the weight room from this point forward are prohibited from wearing shirts. Sports bras are allowed so long as they do not cover too much skin.”

This new rule was put in place to encourage athletes to use the weightroom. Similar to why some schools choose to have uniforms, having a uniform law surrounding clothing decreases bullying and levels the social playing field. Professional trainers also say that it is far easier to correct form in athletes when more of their body is revealed.

A Harvard study conducted in 2019 found that athletes who worked out shirtless had better form and a 30% increase in strength over a 6-week period compared to those who worked out in loose cotton t-shirts.

Some athletes already choose to work out with no shirt on in the school weight room. One consistently shirtless junior stated, “Not only has my PR increased and my form improved, I don’t get as hot and sweaty so the machines stay clean. Everyone should go shirtless in the gym.”

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