HHS Broadside


Final Council Update

This year the Council has been just as busy as any other, and has resulted in quite a few exciting motions to be passed, especially in recent months. Among these motions are the Senior Exam...


Hanover Baseball vs Lebanon

Today Hanover had a close game against Lebanon by was able to win with the single run scored by Rohan Kumar. Parker Thurston pitched for Hanover and Lebanon had only two hits off of him.  

48HourFilmFestival (1)

Hanover Entries to CATV Film Slam

Over the past weekend teams from all over the Upper Valley competed in the CATV annual 48 hour Film Slam  competition. Here are the Hanover High School Entries: Back Stop Films – The Remix from...

Open Campus at Hanover High School

Fords Rant: A PAEAN

Yes, a paean. What is a paean? According to my old friend, Noah Webster (the inventor of the dictionary (1828) and a close friend of my father’s it is: “a joyous song or hymn...