Freshmen Off Campus…Forever?

After the great success of the recent Freshmen off Campus motion, Council passed an amendment to the motion last week which would prevent Freshmen from returning. The new section of the motion states that once a ninth-grader leaves the Hanover High School building, they will give up the right to re-enter until they reach 10th grade.

Proponents of the motion say that after the extremely positive response and widespread support for the original motion, they “wanted to go all the way, and carry the idea to its final destination.” Unfortunately for them, the motion still specifies that Freshmen can only leave never to return, during the second semester, and Freshmen who do not have parental consent or who are failing a class will not be able to permanently leave campus. But fear not, in the coming weeks Council members are expected to propose two new amendments that will give every single Freshman the opportunity to be banned from the premises forevermore.

Council passed the motion with a near-unanimous vote, with the few opponents claiming that the Motion is unfair to upperclassmen. “Every student should be able to be banished,” Alex Rockmore said in debate, “when I was in ninth grade I never had the chance to get exiled from school, so I think I should be able to do that now if I want.”

There has also been some backlash from parents and the town of Hanover. Parents worry that as their children forlornly wander the busy streets of Hanover they may be hit by a car, and town officials have claimed that groups of cold and bored Freshmen roaming around Hanover could cause mischief. These two groups hope to introduce a new amendment to Council that would push the perimeter that ninth-graders are banned from entering to the edge of downtown Hanover.

No Freshmen could be contacted for comment on this story, as they were all stuck outside, but their muffled shouting and banging on windows seems to indicate that they are in full support of this new policy.

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