New Mascot to be Vague Silhouette of a Mysterious Animal

Since HHS has gained a new mascot (Go Bears!) students and staff have been anxious for the new design to be revealed. Well, here it is! The long-awaited design depicts a vague animal’s silhouette that could be a bear in what could be considered by some to be a forest. “We chose this design because it really leaves it up to the viewer as to what they want it to be. Go Bears!” says Kavi Patel, a member of HHS’ mascot committee. It seems as though many of the committee members did not want to rock the boat and decided that the best way to appeal to everyone was to make the mascot more of an ambiguous concept. 

Hanover has embraced this new mascot with open arms. With plans to probably remodel the turf field at some point sooner or later, the administration has shown their unyielding support of this change. All other mascots within the school have yet to be changed, but we, the students, have faith that someone else will start doing it eventually at some point. HHS staff and students also gathered to show support during the unveiling assembly last Friday. “I mean, does anyone even really know what a bear looks like?” asked Julie Stevenson during her opening speech. The crowd cheered in agreement. For the closing ceremony, the HHS chorus sang a heartfelt rendition of “I’m a Gummy Bear,” finally laying the Marauder to rest and letting the era of the Hanover Bears begin.

With the reveal, HHS seems to finally be at peace knowing they are represented by something that might be a bear. We are all relieved knowing that next year’s fresh crop of ninth-graders will only know, or presume the existence of, the new mascot (Bear?). 


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