Local Hamster Ready to Spin into Action as a New Hanover Guidance Counselor

Knowing the great strain that the guidance counselors are under, Hanover High School has announced the hiring of a new counselor for the 2022-2023 school year. Her name is Atalanta Hamstro and she is going to be here for emotional support. Here is a quote from Atalanta’s interview when she found out she was granted the position.

“…squeak……..click…….coo….!” (I feel like I would be a good guidance counselor because I am really cute and fluffy and that usually makes people feel good, and that will be my goal for when I start: making people feel good). She brought up some points like that in her interview, which inevitably helped her get the job.

We asked some students about the new counselor, here are what some said:

“She is going to be the best guidance counselor we’ve ever had.” Jasmine Acker said. 

“Atalanta should be a guidance counselor because she is very cute,” stated Annabel Clark. 

Prior to being offered the position, Atalanta worked as a full-time pet, part-time emotional support hamster for a student here at Hanover. Being only 6 months old and 4 ½ inches in size, being hired as a counselor at a large high school is a big honor, and her family is very proud. 

We all have high hopes for our new counselor. Let’s end with one more quote from our beloved Atalanta:

“…..squeak…….coo…?” (I shall be paid in treats, so I will be a great and cheap counselor. What can be better than that?)

Thank you Atalanta. We are all positive that you will bring great things to Hanover High School.

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