About Us


Co-Editor-in-Chiefs: Alice Rodi (’21), Julia Cook (’21)

Staff Advisor: Daniel Mackie

Staff Reporters and Frequent Contributors:

Sachin Rampersaud (’20), Julia Horan (’21), Indigo Coylewright (’21), Zane Schiffman (’22), Skyler Tompkins (’22), John Crandell (’22), Noah Phipps (’21), Benjamin Wagner (’21), Vidushi Sharma (’23)

About Us:

The Broadside is the student newspaper of, by, and for the community of Hanover High School in Hanover, New Hampshire, USA. We serve as a publication for students, staff, parents, alumni, community members, and really anybody who is interested in reading. Most of our content is published online, although we do publish paper editions at times throughout the school year. As a newspaper, it is our goal to inform, entertain, disinfect, and engage the community.