Boys Hockey Report

Photo by Harry Dwinell

Photo by Harry Dwinell

Hanover boys’ hockey team played their opening game on 12/12/12 vs. Saint Thomas. This game set the tempo for the whole season. Hanover boys have lost a lot of players due to last year’s seniors graduating.  However, after talking to some of the players this year, they still think they will have a pretty good team to take them all the way to the “ship.” Jordan Levin, one of the defenders on the Hanover boy’s team, said that this season Hanover is going to be a huge threat to the league. Hanover has been predicted to be 5th overall for the 2012 – 2013 season. Tom Peters, a center, was excited to play Saint Thomas for the opener. The game ended in a tie 1-1, even after overtime. It was a very well played game by the Marauders, with Senior Joe Cravero scoring the only point. Although it was a tie, the fans were great and should be ready to watch an amazing season. Get rowdy fans!

See a slide show below (photos by Harry Dwinell and Elise Austin-Washburn) of the Varsity Hockey Team.
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