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Mosquitoland Book Review

David Arnold’s debut novel Mosquitoland is among the most unpredictable and unique narratives that I have ever read. It could be considered a coming of age story, but it falls into many genres. Themes...


2014 Retirees

Peg Meyer Peg will be leaving us after six year as one of our school nurses. With her cheerful and helpful presence she has served all of us with our aches, pains and troubles...

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Review of the Amazing Spider-man 2

The Amazing Spider-man 2 swung in theaters May 2 and has caused a split in moviegoers everywhere. Some praise it as the best movie the wall crawler has been in while others says its...


Bursting my bubble

Over March Intensive Janet Daniels, Isa Barrington, my mom and I went to Haiti to do volunteer work. We stayed in a small village called Bois d’Avril in the mountains above Port-au-Prince. We stayed...


Final Council Update

This year the Council has been just as busy as any other, and has resulted in quite a few exciting motions to be passed, especially in recent months. Among these motions are the Senior Exam...


Hanover Baseball vs Lebanon

Today Hanover had a close game against Lebanon by was able to win with the single run scored by Rohan Kumar. Parker Thurston pitched for Hanover and Lebanon had only two hits off of him.