Class Specific Study Tips

American History



  • Flash cards for quick facts
  • Read over all your homework assignments
  • Use Mr. Jenisch’s study method: make up what short answer questions you think will be on the exam and answer them on paper. In general, the focus of the short answer section tends to be more on overarching concepts than on specific facts.

American History

  • Re-read the chapters in the book
  • Take the practice quizzes and write long-response answers to the questions at the end of each chapter
  • Make flashcards with all the important terms and names
  • Remember: No matter how irrelevant you find a topic, if it is in the textbook then generally it is important
  • Ask the teacher specific questions during review periods


  • Make flash cards for all the chapters illustrating the key concepts
  • Ask other people in your class to quiz you
  • Create a study guide in google docs with the entire class and have the teacher look it over
  • Read back through the text book
  • Take the practice quizzes at the back of the textbook
  • Understand the questions being asked at the end of each chapter
  • If you can’t contact your teacher, the Science Resource Center is a great place to ask questions


  • PRACTICE the problem sets
  • REVIEW SHEETS: Do any review handed out to you
  • Qs FOR TEACHER: Listen to the teacher when he or she tells you what is on the exam, and get your questions answered before the day of the exam, as you will need time to make sure that you understand the solutions and the topics in question.
  • EXAM NOTES: Take full advantage of any opportunity to bring anything to the exam, such as a note sheet (with formulas, definitions).


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