Ballroom Dance Club


HHS Students taking the first moves in the Ballroom Dance Club.

The Ballroom Dance Club has started to tango. Learning tango has been an exciting challenge for the club, starting out with only two young women and three young men. Although only one person in the club, Kristen Pearson, knows tango well enough to teach it to the others, the other club members have been making quick progress, studying moves on YouTube. The club has also been working on swing spins and more fancy footwork for the tango. These daring first members of the club are hoping that others will join them, as more dancers will make it easier for Kristen to guide everyone in learning the moves.

The club also attends open dances and classes. The group has already attended one swing dance and a few tango dances, but the tango dances are becoming more prominent. Dress codes to such events involve dresses and heels for girls and collared shirts and dress shoes for boys. The club is great fun, and you don’t have to become the best dancer in the world to join. The goal is just to learn the basics and have fun.



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