Girls Basketball Returns From South Carolina Tournament With Big Win Against Bishop Brady

Hanover 52, Bishop Brady 29 (1/3/2018)

The players of Hanover girls basketball team spent part of their holiday break in the slightly warmer state of South Carolina, where they battled and ended 1-2 against tough southern competition. Co-captain Emma Burwell, a strong asset to the varsity program, comments on their trip to the Palmetto State:

“[The trip] definitely helped with team bonding and although we all came back very sick, which was from sharing rooms and being near each other constantly, everyone had a great time. It was a little bittersweet, but stronger on the sweeter end.”

Not only was the competition faster, stronger, and better overall, the referees were also noted to be an improvement from what we get here in the small state of New Hampshire.

“We had amazing refs down in South Carolina who let us play aggressive, but also made the right calls when they had to. It’s a tough transition in your personal game to go from great refs to not really knowing what level of professionalism you will get here,” Burwell stated after their win.

The Marauders did not let up on defense, playing steady and shifting the offense into high gear as well. Three players had double-digit scoring games, sophomores Bella Bardales and Maddie McCorkle recorded 13 points each, and junior co-captain Julia Golder dominated in the paint and added 10 points. Junior Lois Schwartz, a three year varsity player, also had a terrific game; she contributed key assists, played hard on defense, and added a couple buckets of her own.

“I think it was the best we’ve played all season,” Emma added, continuing, “We knew it was going to be tough from the beginning, as Bishop Brady is known to be a decent team. There were definitely some questionable calls against us, but the reffing was tough all game. We had good ball movement to create high quality shots, which was the key component to why we ended up winning by about 20. Definitely a success.”

The girls had to play without a star player, co-captain Diana Schwartz. Schwartz had just come off of a strong field hockey season and was just beginning to make her mark on the court when she tore her ACL down south. The Maroon will definitely miss her presence, but with a skilled team they will be able to look to others to sink some baskets as well.

Come support the Hanover girls (3-1 in NHIAA) challenge Bow (1-1) this Saturday in a home match!

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