Sports Pride

At Hanover High, many students take pride in athletics. Usually, a solid amount of students attend the big games for most sports. While the amount of students at these events is good, there is sometimes a lack of enthusiasm displayed for the team. This is not always due to the students being uninterested altogether, but sometimes it is due to the setting in which the game takes place. Take the turf field here at Hanover High. At football games, the students are spread out on the hill; at soccer games, the students are lined up, sitting along the maroon pads on the sideline. A student section truly succeeds in supporting the team when it is compact and has depth to it.

Basketball, for example, is an atmosphere where student sections really excel. For example, the Quarterfinal Boys Basketball game at home against Lebanon had one of the best student sections in my time at Hanover High. However, all basketball games at HHS don’t always have this same loud, boisterous crowd.

“The crowd really inspires us. When they’re up, we’re up. When the students are loud, and getting really into the game, it pumps us all up,” said Hanover point guard John Flory. Flory continued, “When no one in the student section is standing, it makes it harder to get excited for the game.”

The crowd is a huge part of any game. A good home crowd will always inspire the players. The main part to a solid student crowd is not only being loud, but remaining supportive of the Hanover High athletes not matter how the game is going. If a Marauder makes a mistake, it’s important not to be rude to that player. Make those players know that they will always have your support. However, if someone on the opposition makes a mistake, feel free to let him or her know that he or she made a bad play. It may sound rude and unsportsmanlike, but many players for Hanover High have said that they enjoy it when the fans call out and make fun of opposing players. Players feed off of the crowd in all events. The main thing that students need to remember while attending events is to be loud, up, crazy, and do whatever it takes to help the team win.

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