Hanover High School Boys Soccer Moves up a Division

2012 Boys Division I Soccer Team
Soccer photos courtesy of Kathy Barth

The Hanover High boys’ soccer team has been dominating competition in Division Two for quite some time, winning the state championship six times running from 2005-2010. Only recently, they succeeded in petitioning to move up and compete against bigger and better teams in Division One. They will still be a tough and respectable team, but their years of victory will finally be put to the test. They have already played in four games and have won three of them, including one against last year’s division champions, Manchester Central. Their only loss was three to zero against the top seeded team, Londonderry, after giving two penalty kicks, and a breakaway to the opponent.

Team Circle

While Hanover has moved up a division this year, they have also left many teams behind. Their ex-rival, and big competitor, Lebanon will not make the jump with them and will be missed. Hanover had a strong connection with Lebanon, and many people are upset that such a fun and exciting rivalry is over.

“Whenever a school has a good rivalry, and it must end, it’s a shame,” said Hanover’s Athletic Director, Mike Jackson

Even without a big rivalry, Hanover has been still doing well in Division One, with hopes of bringing home a championship, after giving coach Rob Grabill the 100th win of his Hanover soccer career.

“The Marauders will be ready to meet the challenge.  This is why they joined Division One.  This is what they have been training for,” said Grabill. Coach Grabill seems very sure of his team, and after their games in the past few weeks, he has good reason.

Brendan Barth, Rocco Linehan, Ian Strobehn

“We are very deep,” said junior Daniel Hazlett. “If we move the ball fast, and stick to our strategy, we could be really good.” Daniel has been playing striker on the team for three years now, making varsity freshman year. “I am really excited to play together, and have fun with the team off of the field too,” he adds.

Senior players with Coach Grabill

“In this league, one game can make all the difference,” emphasizes Coach Grabill. Each win the Marauders earn brings them one step closer to the playoffs.

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