Meet Alex Caron- English Department Intern

by Hannah Sobel
Where were you this time last year?
I was starting my senior year at Dartmouth, and I had just gotten back from leading a Dartmouth Outdoor Orientation trip.
Why HHS? 
I selected HHS as a great opportunity to start at an outstanding school. In my Dartmouth class we’ve talked about the Council here.
What would you like students to know about you? 
I majored in English, with a focus on Creative Writing, and I hope to continue that. And I can still remember my high school experience, so I know what everyone is going through!
What are your first impressions of HHS? 
I love the collegiality and good spirits among the faculty. I feel like people are excited to be here, and I’m already really impressed with the students.
What is your favorite extracurricular activity? 
I love to read, rock climb, hike, and snowboard.

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