Council Update

By Jennie Frishtick
Council is in full swing and has been working on the following: 

Finding a good location for meeting: You may have seen Council meetings in the atrium—this is part of our attempt to find a meeting place where it is easy for students to drop by and see what’s going on. We’re still searching for the right place!
Budget and Curriculum Cuts: The Dresden School Board and committees are brainstorming ideas for cuts to be made in the curriculum in order to cut back on spending. See the Council Bulletin Board for ways to get involved!
Mission Statement: Council is reviewing a motion about improving the school’s mission statement. As the current mission statement only mentions students, one possible revision would be to incorporate staff and community members as well.
Superintendent Search Committee Representation: Dr. Wayne Gersen is retiring as Dresden District Superintendent, and the search for a replacement is on. Jacob Kornfeld is going to be the student on the search committee and will provide a student’s perspective on the matter.
Co-curricular Code of Conduct: Revising this document has been an ongoing process for Council and will hopefully be completed shortly! Some last revisions and changes are being made in order to have the most effective Code.
Parking Policy Change: When a student parks without a permit in a space for which a permit is required, there will now be a three-step penalty: a warning sticker on the car, a $40 ticket, and finally towing. 
Outdoor Water Fountain: Council is discussing the possibility of having a water fountain outside the school for sports teams and outdoor activities to use.
Defacing Motion: Some students have been defacing standardized tests. Council passed a motion to establish specific punishments for this offense (as well as the defacement of any other document), ranging from a 5-day schedule-up to a 2-day suspension.

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