Meet Shannon Pogue – English Teacher

by Hannah Sobel
Where were you this time last year?
I was in Boise, Idaho (pronounced Boy-see not Boy-zee) teaching high school English and Senior College Prep.
Why HHS? 
I moved across the country with my husband, who grew up here. We moved to be closer to his family. HHS is known even in Boise. I was very happy to get a job here!
What would you like students to know about you? 
I’m not a scary person. I like people, and I can teach you Montana slang!
What are your first impressions of HHS? 
I love the student independence and the assumption of educational value. With all this free time, you have to assume students are really using time well. It’s very different.
What is your favorite extracurricular activity? 
When I’m alone, I love to rock climb or hike and read. I also love to play and coach soccer.

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