Meet Andy Puchilak – Learning Strategies

by Jessica Buckey
Where were you this time last year? I was working at a school in Ludlow,
Why HHS? I heard that HHS was a nice environment, and I wanted to work
in a bigger school – the school I had previously worked at was very small.
What would you most like students to know about you? I’m helpful, and
I’m willing to put in extra time to make students’ time here more successful.
What are your first impressions of HHS?
I’m impressed with the amount of freedom they give students here. I have
enjoyed getting to know new staff members as well. It’s busy here, there’s a
balance with students having a lot of freedom and responsibilities. I’m struck
by the range of the school – there’s more diversity here than I had imagined.
What is your favorite extracurricular activity, book, or quote?
I love skiing.

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