Meet Charles Kehler – New Position in the Computer Lab

by Jessica Buckey
Where were you this time last year? I was working here, but at special ed. This year I’m an ed assistant in the Media Department.
Why did you decide to make this change? I chose to change my position because of budget cuts. It suited me to remain here and work with computers instead of as a special ed. assistant. I
wanted to stay at HHS because I know people here, and I live only ten minutes away.
What would you most like students to know about you? I love languages, traveling, and meeting students and faculty with experience in other cultures.
What are your first impressions of HHS from this new vantage point? It was a very bumpy first two weeks here, getting used to the computer system and implementing the new things, but everything is settling down now.
What is your favorite extracurricular activity, book, or quote?
I love French and Spanish music because I know those two languages; I used
to teach ESL. I’m also very keen on the countries of South Asia because I’ve
traveled there – I went to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. My favorite
quote is “No hay mal que por bien no venga”, which in English we usually say
as “Every cloud has a silver lining”, but which I think translates better as “no
matter how bad things are, there is always some good which can come out of

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