Meet Martha Cassidy – Media Center

by Jessica Buckey
Where were you this time last year? I was working at the Richmond School.
Why Hanover High? I love libraries! The opportunity presented itself so I leapt at
it. And I love technology, so it was perfect.
What would you most like students to know about you? I’m here to help students
incorporate technology into their work. I like helping them make their work multi-
What are your first impressions about Hanover High School? I graduated from
HHS, so I like seeing how it’s changed but still stayed the same. My daughter
graduated from here too, so I’m very familiar with Hanover High. I’m really
impressed by how polite everyone can be to each other. We tend to overlook
that. I’ve enjoyed seeing how students I knew as six and seventh graders have
grown up, too.
What is your favorite extracurricular activity, book or quote?
I live on a lake, so I love kayaking there.
My favorite book is a kid’s book – Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shove

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