Student Advice

Hanover High School can be a scary place to navigate on your own. Social landmines, academic pressure, and the lunch line continually trip up new students. Fortunately, I am equipped with four years of indispensable advice to help you on your way!

  • Locky, what does it mean if I’m left on delivered?

Their phone is probably broken.


  •  Locky, is pasta actually mid and we just pretend it’s good?

Absolutely not. Pasta is infinitely customizable and can be suited to each individual. As such, it would be a brazen inaccuracy to call it “mid.”


  • Locky, will I get into college?

Not with that attitude.


  • Locky, how many light bulbs does it take to change a person?

Fourteen. Duh.


  • Locky, why should I join the French Club?

You can make good money if you sue them for food poisoning.


  • Locky, what should a freshman do if they accidentally make eye contact with someone in the pit?

Apologize immediately.


  • Locky, the stairs to the math hallway make me look death straight in the eye every time…

Same, we should work out together.


  • Locky, I am often late to my first period class.

Wow, that’s kinda embarrassing. Personally, I’ve never been late to any of my first period classes. That would be both rude and irresponsible. Ask anyone except Mr. Lavigne, Mr. Gollub, Mr. Donnely, Mr. Concilio, M. Cochran, Mr. Falcone, or any student who I shared those classes with.


  •  Locky, what is the best sport spirit day/ the best sport with spirit days?

The Hanover Nordic Skiing Team consistently pops off with spirit.

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