Club Profile: UNICEF

UNICEF club is dedicated to raising money and awareness for global issues involving women and children in need. Every cent of the money that it raises goes to the global UNICEF organization to be used in places of crisis.

Most of the club’s fundraising comes from bake sales done at the school and the Co-op. Some are hosted annually, like the winter sale, the Mother’s Day sale, and a fall-themed sale. Non-bake sale events include Trick or Treat for UNICEF, where candy is passed out for donations, and Valentines Day candy grams!

In previous years, UNICEF club has worked with the Ray School to coordinate a Trick or Treat for UNICEF there as well. Every year the club organizes different club bonding activities, like apple picking or pool parties. Being part of UNICEF club helps students connect to a global community, as well as build friendships within the school. 

The club runs with two presidents, a secretary, a treasurer, and a media manager. It is currently looking for underclassmen to fill some of these roles in future years! Currently the club has twelve active members, and a few less active members who only come to some of the meetings. UNICEF club meets on Fridays during activity period in Ms. Wahrenberger’s room, and the meetings are open so everyone is welcome to come, regardless of previous or future attendance.


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