Day in Action

Day In Action is the biggest event of the year for Youth In Action, our school’s community service organization. This occasion gathers together students from every grade to leave the school during activity period on October 25 to participate in service acts for community around Norwich and Hanover. Students will spend their time raking leaves and performing other outdoor chores for members of the community who are unable to do so.

Day in Action is “Youth In Action’s biggest fundraiser,” says Beth Kopp, the coordinator of all YIA activities. Beth says that she has the best job ever, helping passionate students in our school make a difference. Last year YIA had over 200 students participate in 94 different events throughout the year, ultimately accumulating around 1280 hours of community service. To Beth, Day in Action “is a win-win-win,” because it can be a student’s first experience with YIA, it benefits the members of our community, and students get “instant gratification” from helping out. 

Kayra Yaman and Sydney Kwaku are both part of the DIA process. This mainly includes recruiting people to join and then organizing them into groups based on community requests. To recruit students for the event, YIA sets up a table outside the library promoting awareness. When asked how many people they are looking for this year Kayra says that “50 would be nice, but that’s a stretch.” 

When watching the recruitment table I noticed that there was not much written information about what the fundraiser was for, and relied mostly on the students running the table to tell people about the project. To raise awareness for DIA, Beth says that YIA relies mostly on “word-of-mouth.” Another way YIA raises awareness is through their weekly emails, where they ask people to sign up, but do not include what they are raising money for. 

DIA raises money for the projects that YIA will do throughout the rest of the school year, especially in the winter, when YIA has a high commitment service group of about 15 people who participate every week in activities through the winter. The winter group is “seen as a winter sport,” says Beth, and is primarily for students who may not participate in any after school activities. This group of students is always hardworking, devoted, and passionate about the help they provide to community members throughout our coldest season. As another aspect of the YIA organization, DIA is one of the key factors in helping the winter crew get started. 

Overall, the group behind DIA is very enthusiastic and passionate about the work that they accomplish with HHS students. With 37 confirmed participants this year, YIA is ready to make a difference in the community. Although in years to come YIA might want to look into updating their system to attract more of our students, DIA still remains a fun way to introduce new students to the YIA community. And though the sign ups for the DIA are now closed, hopefully, next year, you’ll consider helping to support our community through YIA.


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