Dear Freshman…. (Advice for Incoming and Current Freshmen)

Dear Freshman,


As you begin to immerse yourself into the high school, we have thought up a few pieces of advice we heard when we were freshmen, or advice that we wish we had known when we were first new to the school. 


  1. Don’t think because you are a freshman you have no say in what goes on inside the high school. Being a freshman, it can be easy to think that your voice and advocacy for change doesn’t matter, but, in reality, it’s your voice and fresh perspective that can make those changes more effective and helpful to you while you are in high school. Join as many clubs or sports as you are passionate about, and try out extra-curriculars you might have originally been hesitant towards. You are the newest voices to join Hanover and it’s important for you to speak out. 
  2. Ask for help. The first year in high school can be daunting, as academics become harder and the grades you get matter more than they had before. You have to remember that not everything is going to come easily, but school is made much easier when you ask for help. Doing so early on, rather than trying to figure it out on your own along the way, is crucial. Your teachers are there to help you understand an assignment so you can feel more confident turning it in. They are also there to help if you need extra time or want to go over assignments you didn’t understand the first time. Every adult (and many upper-classmen, such as peer leaders, team captains, or club presidents) at the school is here to help you out. 
  3. This year is only as stressful as you make it. Your first year of high school can be super fun and laid-back, or you can stress yourself out. It’s important to remember that you choose how to spend these four years. School can be stressful but you can build in time around your school work to have fun doing what you want to do.  Make sure you are fitting in time to make new friends or spend time with old ones. It’s also important to take care of yourself and make sure you are sleeping and eating well, which can also help you when completing school work. Make sure that you can do things outside of school that you enjoy so that these four years of high school are as positive as possible.
  4. Be legendary. Do what you want to. Have fun. Start a club. Win a state championship. Become a band prodigy. High school is a super awesome time to be super awesome. Find something you love and grind for it. It can be a really positive experience, and the struggles you encounter will teach you things about yourself you never knew before. That being said, being legendary does not have to be all about being traditionally successful–playing a great prank on a friend can be legendary too.
  5. Don’t worry about finding a niche. You have so much time to do that. At this point, just get by in school, enjoy your extracurriculars, and trust that social life will sort itself out.




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