Council Talks Gardens, Community Representatives, and More (9/4/19)

Council began the 2019-2020 school year late. After members trickled in from their third period classes, and once Moderator Nolan realized he had forgotten the gavel, Council began at 11:26 pm with the bang of a fist on a table in front of a crowd that included only Council members and candidates for the position of Community Representative.

The committee reports section of the meeting covered a broad array of topics. DSB Representative Noah Phipps spoke of the budget-focused August DSB meeting, and announced the Board’s meeting on September 24th. The Curriculum Committee and other members of Council will be coming into 9th grade Social Studies classes over the course of the next week to explain Council and the upcoming 9th grade elections. Other new initiatives include the Student Life Committee’s efforts to pair interested Freshmen and Upperclassmen together in a mentorship program similar to that already in effect within the football team.

Next, the body faced an allocation of 504 dollars to go to the Gardening Club. Mrs. Kornfeld, the advisor of the club, explained that the fund would cover the materials needed to construct a fence to protect the HHS garden from deer and other animals. All of the produce from the garden would go to HHS janitors as a “thank-you” for their service, and HHS Buildings and Grounds would construct the fence. The allocation passed unanimously.

The next item on the agenda was the approval of the hiring of the Council Executive, which occurs biannually. Mrs. Addante, the only candidate and Executive last year, explained the review process that the body took on last year, and then excused herself from the room. A brief discussion in which the body spoke of her amazing talents ensued. There was some confusion regarding the process and type of motion that ought to have occurred, but, in the end, Addante was hired to continue in her position for the next two years.

Following the hiring process, Council approved two community representatives. Mrs. Acker and Mrs. Minnock-Taylor both spoke succinctly about their interest in joining the body (based largely on having students at the school and being curious as to the actions of Council), before being unanimously voted in.

The last item covered on the agenda was a discussion of Council goals. The body largely set goals of communicating with the student body more effectively, and creating motions that would interest and change the lives of students. With hope and excitement, Council adjourned.


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