Rising Senior Colm Seigne to Be Next Council Moderator After Charismatic, Aggressive Speech – Romaney Granizo-MacKenzie to Join Seigne as Assistant Moderator

With the rank of Moderator on the line, two candidates went toe to toe for the position. First to speak at the May 16 meeting was longtime Council Representative and rising senior Elizabeth Napier.

Representative Napier discussed how since her first Council meetings in 8th grade her commitment to Council has never wavered, adding that she has given up tons of time for committees as well. Rep. Napier then made the point that she has her own personal copy of Robert’s Rules which she has read front to back multiple times, something most Council Members have not done. She finished by noting that she is one of only a few people who read the entire handbook freshman year, and that because of all her knowledge and experience she would be a great Moderator.

The only other candidate running for the position of Moderator was Co-Treasurer and rising Senior Colm Seigne. Seigne emphasized that he had written an original speech but that after hearing Rep. Napier’s speech he decided that he wanted to be honest. With a clear nod towards Rep. Napier’s speech, Seigne declared that qualifications aren’t all that being a moderator is. He continued by exclaiming how so many of the people on the new Council are new members because people are sick of Council’s ways, and that people now want a different kind of council, a slight of Rep. Napier’s more traditional Council speech and plan. Seigne also added that he wants to make it more efficient and that he hates seeing motions like the Community Service Motion not make it to the Dresden School Board until now. Seigne assured Council that Moderator is the right position for him and finished by taking one last shot on Rep. Napier, saying it “isn’t about what you have done on Council but about what you will do.”

The speech seemed to bring some life to Council as almost all members gave a large ovation to the former Co-Treasurer. This ovation seemed to translate to the voting as Seigne won the election to be the next Moderator, with sources adding that the vote was a landslide majority.

After now Moderator Seigne won the election, the ceremonial handing over of the gavel occurred, followed by the speeches and voting for Assistant Moderator. The three candidates for Assistant Moderator were Rising Senior Representatives Romaney Granizo-MacKenzie, Oliver Minshall, and Elizabeth Napier.

Rep. Granizo-MacKenzie gave the first speech and began by saying that she thinks so much that AMOD does goes unnoticed. Rep. Granizo-MacKenzie then added that she saw the AMOD as being on all committees and she loved it when previous AMOD Jasper Meyer would come in and answer all her committee’s questions. Rep. Granizo-MacKenzie finished her speech by saying that she loves Council and will work her butt off for it. Though short and sweet, Rep. Granizo-MacKenzie’s speech received a significant amount of applause.

Rising Senior Rep. Oliver Minshall was the next to give his nomination speech. He began with a quote from Curtis Lemay: “Who am I What am I doing here?” A sentiment that Council seemed to appreciate. Rep. Minshall then discussed how public service is the greatest thing a man can do and how he has an ingrained commitment to public service. He added that though no one could replace what previous AMOD Jasper Meyer did, he would do his best to do ½ he did. Rep. Minshall then finished his speech with another quote, this time from former Vice President Dan Quayle: “If we don’t succeed we run the risk of failure.” Rep. Minshall left the front of the room to a large applause, as Council seemed to appreciate his wit.

Just defeated for Moderator, Rep. Elizabeth Napier was the last to give her speech. Rep. Napier seemed to have difficulty with connecting to Council as she discussed how her experience would make her a great AMOD, and how she has tried hard to bring people to Council and would love to bring Council to the school.

After all three speeches, voting occurred and the Representative who most Council candidates would agree was the favorite, Romaney Granizo MacKenzie, was voted to be the next Assistant Moderator.

Editor’s Note: Edits were made to this piece for purposes of clarification at 12:58pm on May 23. Additionally, the article was written by Caleb Benjamin, not Hayden Smith as was previously (and incorrectly) listed. 


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