HHS Undergoes Peaceful Transition of Power

Earlier this week, Council elected to hand all of its power to the great Hayden Smith due to the many failures they have faced. The transition of power was peaceful with no violence or any solicitation and was met with a loud applause from those in attendance. After being granted power, Smith declared himself as Generalissimo. In this time of crisis, the Generalissimo has taken power to restore order, peace, and prosperity to the school. The Generalissimo has started to tear down the corrupt democracy of the school and replace it with a completely uncorrupt oligarchy. The democracy used by Council was corrupt and rigged and didn’t benefit the wishes of the general student body. However, the Generalissimo’s oligarchy won’t be skewed towards himself at all and will definitely benefit everyone. One of the plans the Generalissimo has is to expand the territory of the school so students will no longer have to sign out whenever they leave the building as the whole town will be on-campus. Another plan is to retract the community service motion as the new policy going forward is “school first.” The Generalissimo has also built a Hibachi grill in the pit. The Grill is the most amazing thing ever and would never have existed if the inept council still existed. If anyone claims anything contrary to what has been reported here please contact the Generalissimo and he will have it taken care of. This message has been sponsored by CNN and Fox News the most reliable places to get news.

Disclaimer: THIS IS FAKE NEWS!

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