Music Students Given Chance To Listen To Boston Symphony Orchestra

During the first week of the second semester, orchestra and band students were able to go to Boston to listen to the Boston Symphony Orchestra play 19-century composer Gustav Mahler’s 3rd Symphony. The subject of the symphony is nature, specifically the nature Mahler witnessed in his mountain retreat while writing the piece. The performance by the BSO properly reflects this since the tone of the music can capture both the beauty and dangers of nature. A student in the band said, “My favorite part was the beginning of the symphony. It had a good mix of the light-hearted sound of the violins and the sinister nature of the horns.” Another student in orchestra also said, “The percussionists during the finale of the symphony were great as they slowly built up to a big finale rather than a continuous fanfare.” During the trip, students were also given the opportunity to interview Rebekah Edwards, a violist in the BSO, and eat food in Boston.

Special thanks to Leslie Foley for getting the tickets and Howard Erdman for paying for trip expenses.

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