Community Tunes In For Chorus Concert

The Hilights perform "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Queen at the Choral Concert. Credit: Hayden Smith.

The Hilights perform “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen at the Choral Concert. Credit: Hayden Smith.

For the first time of the year, a number of students at Hanover High School came together to put on a display of various singing talents. By this I mean that the first Chorus Concert of the year was last week. As I am in chorus myself, I had a first hand view of both concerts, the concert on Wednesday and the concert on Thursday, but for the sake of this article I will describe just the Wednesday concert.  

The concert on Wednesday was special for us(this year’s chorus), as the 5th grade chorus from the Ray School came and sang with us. The concert opened with the Chorus singing a heartfelt, and near flawless rendition of “When the Sun Rose Up this Morning.” This was followed by an energy full performance of the Cuban folk song “Son de Camaguey.” The 5th Graders then joined us to sing the Israeli folk song, “Hashivenu.” The song was sung once together before the 5th graders and the Chorus were split into 3 groups to sing it separately before coming together for a beautiful ending. The 5th graders followed this up with a rendition of the traditional Irish song, “The Wren Song.” Then Senior Catherine Han gave an awesome(in the true sense of the word) rendition of Mozart’s “Ach Ich Fuhls.”

Then came the much anticipated acapella performances. Dachords was the first group to perform. Freshman Wylie Lucas and Sophomore Ian Nolon starred as soloists in a hearty rendition of the song “Home,” and left to a loud ovation. Hilights followed by singing “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” Led by senior leaders Catherine Han and Olivia Mendes, the group managed to meet the high standard set by their predecessors. The last of the acapella groups to perform was Soar Throats. The group gave a fun, yet extraordinary performance of the song “Brown Eyed Girl.”  First-year Soar Throat and soloist Dillon Bradley led the group with remarkable confidence, and the song seemed to fit his voice perfectly.

After the accapella groups performed, Footnotes followed. The Footnotes performed a Medley from “Footloose.” Headlined by ecstatic senior soloists Iva Wich, Moises Celaya, Patrick McDevitt, and Olivia Mendes, as well as great choreography, the Footnotes managed to entertain the audience while still putting on a great singing display. Then, before the Chorus came back on, Sophie Usherwood played Kokopelli on the flute for the audience.

The concert then ended with the Chorus singing a medley from “Les Miserables.” The Chorus got occasional help from the 5th graders, while the soloists helped carry the Chorus to a beautiful and powerful ending to the concert.



The Fall Instrumental Concert was held on November 8th. Band teacher Ian Gollub led the Jazz Band, the Symphonic Band, and the Wind Ensemble. Hannah Rommer led the String and Symphony Orchestras as well as the Chamber Music Ensemble.

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