Tuck’s Rock Dojo Builds Strong Student Musical Community

It’s a brisk Sunday night in December. Hanover is quiet- the Dartmouth students are on break until after the holidays- but at the Skinny Pancake, the room is buzzing. Hearts are pounding in time with the thumping bass. Silver snowflakes hang from the exposed beams, and multicolored lights, projected onto the ceiling, flicker and bounce. It is obvious that tonight, the Tuck’s Rock Dojo concert is the place to be.

Tuck’s Rock Dojo is a local program run by Tuck Stocking, a musician who, according to Gunnar Langhus, a Hanover High student and bassist at the Dojo, plays at least five instruments. At tonight’s concert, many HHS students take to the stage, including Mitch Aspinwall, Sam Beliveau, Sophia Brackett, Sophie Caulfield (Broadside reporter,) Gunnar Langhus, Audrey Lee, Neve Monroe-Anderson, Nicoya Mowbray-Parker, Lauren Pidgeon, Max Solberg, Hannah Weintraub, Dan Zegans (Broadside editor), and Kylie Zubkoff.

Gunnar Langhus says, “Tuck’s is awelcoming little family, and it’s a good place for everyone to have a creative outlet and express themselves. There are people from all different places, from Norwich to Massachusetts.” The family aspect of Tuck’s is evident, as kids from all different grades and towns hug and congratulate one another after sets.

Songs are chosen by band members, and music ranges from classic rock to modern pop, often done with a rock n’ roll twist. Many of the bands have great chemistry, developed after months of collaborating and bonding, which makes the music even stronger.

Interested in coming to a Tuck’s concert? Like or follow Tuck’s Rock Dojo on Facebook, and check out their next gig. You are sure to see someone you know, and if you somehow do not, the music alone is worth it.

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