“Free Scott” – Students React To Dismissal of Beloved Caf Employee

Scott Bunzey, as shown in his LinkedIn profile.

Scott Bunzey, as shown in his LinkedIn profile.


A misfortune that provoked confusion and indignation within the student body, triggering the students of HHS to band together in recognition of the injustice that has taken place. The occurrence fueled a multitude of Snapchats and social media, each piece of coverage bringing to light just how much Scott meant to everyone who knew him.

Scott Bunzey was an employee who formerly worked at the School’s cafeteria, currently run and supplied by Fresh Picks Cafe. You may have seen him standing at the cafeteria checkout, conversing with kids purchasing snacks and lunch; a man somehow able to remember every consumer’s name. There is no doubt he brought a smile to each person he met, from his well known can with notes of encouragement to the jokes he cracked over the counter.

Then, out of thin air: tragedy struck.

It was around early November when this leading figure was let go by Cafe Services Inc. It struck everyone, hard, the students immediately taking the position of uncertainty and rage.

However, the question of why he was released remains undisclosed in information. The legend Scott Bunzey himself was unable to impart to our questions of his leave. This being said, Bunzey was not withheld from his opinion of appreciation on everyone’s protest and yearning for his presence, stating how he was, “—amazed at the support that I received from the students and faculty of the school”.

In the end, no uncertainty arises from a question regarding his greatness, or the endeavors he put into his work, or how many people support him. Scott’s place will be remembered within the community, forever and always, and without a doubt.


Correction: Scott Bunzey was an employee of Cafe Services Inc., the provider of Hanover High’s cafeteria services. He was mistakenly listed as a member of the HHS staff.

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