A Sad Decrease In Food Quality at the Cafeteria

I remember the first time I ate at the Richmond Middle School cafeteria. I was used to the bouncing cheese cubes and rubbery pizza of the Ray School in Hanover, but Richmond was entirely different. The food was incredible, and the entrées included dishes like swordfish, ribs, and the ever popular nachos. When I moved up to high school I was sure that the main thing I would miss about middle school was the food. I was happy to find that Brian, one of the head chefs of the middle school, had moved up to the high school the same year I started. Even after I got open campus privileges during sophomore year,  I still rarely travelled to the Co-op, since the food at the cafe was good enough.

However, since the departure of Scott and Brian I have noticed a distinct dip in the quality of the food at the Cafe. While before there would be a variety of dishes each week, it now seems that most dishes revolve around either mac and cheese, ground beef, or chicken nuggets. While this might seem nitpicky, it is hard to justify this since the cafe is more expensive than the Co-op in many cases. While I now might have the time to walk over to the Co-op, many students do not have the time or ability to do so. I do understand that having a large employee shift is always difficult, and that Brian often went above and beyond in the food he made, but I still find it sad that the quality has decreased as much as it has.

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