Council Update (November 1st, 2017): Cell Phones and Funding Woes

This past Council meeting was headlined by mostly resource-related issues, such as money allocation. However, the meeting began with a short debate regarding an amendment to the cell phone policy in the handbook.

Based on the cell phone survey Council had put out, and the opinion of most council members, Assistant Moderator Jasper Meyer decided to propose the amendment, which would prohibit teachers from confiscating phones that are silent and stowed away. The amendment also changed the current policy from stating that all cell phones must be turned off and stowed away, to stating that they may be used in class with the teacher’s permission. This change was made in light of the fact that some teachers use phones in class for activities such as Kahoot and Quizlet Live.

The amendment passed with only four abstentions, and no opposing votes. Those who abstained — Mr. Gentine, Jasper Meyer, Colm Seigne, and Tessa Stewart — all cited a need for further discussion on the wording as their primary reason for abstaining.

The meeting then moved to the subject of money allocation, specifically to the UNICEF club. The club representative who was present at the meeting, Caroline Ruth, asked for $100 to cover the cost of the paint that was used at the pumpkin painting fundraiser the previous week. However, many council members were annoyed at the fact that the club was asking for money it had already spent. The main voice for this opposition was sophomore Representative Clay Kynor. Representative Kynor asked how much money the fundraiser actually raised, and Caroline responded that it had raised $70. The fact that the UNICEF club spent more than it raised caused a slight uproar among members but amounted to nothing in the end, as council ended up allocating the money almost unanimously, as Rep. Kynor was the only to abstain from the vote. Council members, however, emphasized that they allocated the money because they felt the fundraiser had been a positive activity for the school and they felt they had no choice in the end but to give the money. Members did state that in the future clubs should come and ask for money before they spend it.

Then, Max Lowe, a representative from the rock climbing team, asked for $500 from Council to fund the team’s annual trip to Fairfield, Connecticut in December. The money was quickly approved after Co-Treasurer Colm Seigne clarified that the Athletic Department can’t fund the team because rock climbing is not recognized as a sport by the NHIAA.  

The meeting then ended on a comical note as Council voted against adjourning with two minutes left before then voting to adjourn just two minutes later.

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