Too Old To Trick or Treat? Try These Tricks

Do you want a candy fix, but feel that you’re too old or too busy to go out at night to get candy? Well, there’s an easy way to solve your problem. Try these strategies and you might be able to get enough candy to last you a month but eat in a week because it’ll go bad after a week.

Option 1: If you have a younger sibling who still trick or treats, trick them into giving you candy. You could do this by either telling them that some fairy will curse them if they don’t give you candy or try to get them to gamble it away with blackjack or something. Most effective on siblings who are in in elementary school or under. Hope that they don’t cry.

Option 2: Extort/Strong -arm for candy. This is the option that has the least amount of subtlety and will get you in the most amount of trouble. Basically, just threaten or bribe your sibling into giving you candy. Effectiveness varies.

Option 3: Steal candy from your siblings. This is the most subtle tactic. This method is effective if the target’s stash is easily accessible. This can be achieved if they are bad at hiding stuff or if you are good at finding stuff. Take small amounts each day so they won’t notice. Take the candies that they have multiple servings of. Avoid taking giant candy bars.

Option 4: Wait until the day after Halloween. It’s the most costly method but it works well if you have no younger siblings. CVS usually has discounted candy after big holidays that are associated with candy. You could buy multiple big bags of candy for around $10.

Execute methods at your own risk

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