Bharat Mahaan (India the Great)


india_ss3Two years after the unfortunate demise of Hanover High’s Indian Club, juniors Divya Kopalle, Sadhya Garg, Christopher Sundaram, Adam Pikielny, and Margaret Werner have brought the club back. Meeting Tuesdays in Mr. Prince’s room, the club admin always comes equipped with food, Bollywood films, and only the highest quality Indian trap music (courtesy of Divya Kopalle). “Indian club is a non-exclusive club welcoming everyone with open arms to celebrate Indian culture,” says Kopalle, “we’re really excited to share our culture with our classmates!”

There are several ideas currently being considered in regard to future club endeavors, including a cricket match, a mehndi booth, and a potential mock Holi festival. “I’m especially excited about the cricket match,” says Kopalle, “I played pretty seriously as a kid and have been wanting to form a HHS cricket team for years.” Who knows, perhaps if the match is a success, Divya will be able to ring in senior year as captain of the brand new team. Regardless, the club promises to be a success, and a fun one at that.

So if you’re interested in expanding your knowledge of the Indian culture, trying your luck in a cricket match, or simply hungry during activity period, stop by Mr. Prince’s room on Tuesdays during Activity Period!

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