Deadpool Review (No Spoilers)

deadpool-trailer-2Deadpool is an action comedy film by 20th century Fox. This movie follows the transformation of wisecracking mercenary Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) into the wisecracking superpowered mercenary Deadpool. It then moves onto his quest to get his damaged face fixed and get back his girlfriend Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). Comic purists may balk at the moderate changes to Deadpool’s backstory and to some extent his character, but this movie does a good enough job capturing the essence of the character that the changes they made to the details of the character are unimportant.

Wade Wilson/Deadpool is played by Ryan Reynolds, a good actor whose career has been filled with bad movies, but this role allows him to come into his own. He is a perfect fit for the role, able to pull off the jokes perfectly, while at the same time easily selling the dramatic scenes. His ability to play off the other actors, especially T.J Miller (Wilson’t best friend Weasel) and Baccarin is also a strength, with him and Baccarin’s relationship seeming very genuine. Overall the acting is very good, with every actor pulling off a convincing and funny performance.

The movie is full of action. The opening action scene is amazing. While it is unfortunately largely CGI it is still fast paced, funny, and exciting. The action scenes all mix comedy in really well, giving the movie a lighthearted feel despite all the violence. And there is lots of violence, with people being impaled, shot, dismembered, and, in one case, run over by a zamboni. This might turn some people off the movie but the lighthearted way the movie deals with the violence gives it very little impact, making it feel very different from the violence in a more serious film.

Another hallmark of this movie is the humor, with Deadpool making constant jokes and the supporting cast getting in their fair share as well. A quick warning however, the jokes focus mostly on sex violence and swearing which may turn some people off to the film. But if you enjoy that type of humor then Deadpool will be a goldmine, I saw the movie three times and noticed new jokes every time. The movie never fails to get laughs out of the audience, with only a few serious scenes in the whole movie.

Deadpool does have a weakness  in the plot. It is a fairly basic revenge story with an uninteresting villain. While the dialogue helps hold it up a bit, the plot takes a backseat to the jokes and action, and is fairly unmemorable. The plot really just seems to exist to string the jokes and action scenes together, but when the jokes and action scenes are amazing it is hard to complain

Overall I would definitely recommend seeing Deadpool. The jokes are funny, the action is exciting, the acting is good. While the plot might not hold up very well on multiple viewings it is hardly awful, and works fine. The only reason not to see this movie is if you are turned off by blood, gore, sex, or the idea of Ryan Reynolds being less than perfect, but if you are not then definitely see it.

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