Grill Motion Passes in Council


Screenshot 2016-03-27 at 6.00.29 PMLast week, a motion put forward by Mr. Prince at the suggestion of Common Ground 20 to purchase a grill for the school successfully passed through Council. As a result, the school now plans to purchase a Weber S-620 grill from the True Value hardware store in Hanover for roughly $1,800 and install it on the school’s back patio outside the cafe. A cover and a warranty for the six-burner grill would be included in the purchase.

When introducing the motion, Mr. Prince cited a time when the school had owned a smaller grill that had been donated by True Value; he recalled that it had been very popular among students and staff before it was mysteriously stolen. He went on to say that purchasing a newer and larger grill could enhance students’ experiences and that it could be used by groups like Common Grounds, student clubs, and sports teams. He also pointed out that it could be used at other school-sanctioned events such as sporting events.

When asked about the logistics of how the grill would be used, Mr. Prince suggested that a sign-out sheet could be used to keep track of when the grill is in use. In order to prevent the unmonitored use of the grill, the propane tank will be removed from the grill when it is not being signed out. The grill would also be kept in a secure place when not in use in order to prevent another theft. In terms of the costs, the money needed to buy the grill would come out of Council’s budget; according to Council’s treasurer Mae Butler, the costs should not leave a large dent in the current budget, as there will still be over $5,000 left in the Council’s reserves after the grill is paid for. The 20 pound propane tanks will be purchased separately and plans to continue their payment in the future will be formalized over time.

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