Preserve Reserve

From the intense games, to the rigorous practices, Hanover reserve soccer can be described using one word: thrilling and this year, more than ever, has drawn in many new players who have flocked to the now thriving soccer program with the aspiration of having their own shining moment or just having a good time with friends. However, only a certain amount of people can be accommodated for, so you have to ask the question of what do you do with those players who want to play but either aren’t at a very high skill level or just don’t want to dedicate themselves to something which they joined to have fun. Well this question arose this year when over 35 Hanover students decided to participate in reserve, and the first answer which accompanied it was cut kids from the team.

Now I personally didn’t agree with the idea of cutting people from the reserve squad when I heard it, and neither did the other players. One other player said “ what is the point of having four different soccer teams if you are still going to cut kids on the lowest one, that just doesn’t make sense”. No one on the team really agreed with the call to cut people and that Reserve was going to be turned into something more like work then just enjoying a game called soccer. The fact that they were going to cut people made many of the people who were on the team at the time very upset and frustrated that they now couldn’t even have an outlet of some sort.

This general discontent amongst the team lead to many people quitting the squad because they didn’t want to even have to deal with something like a screening process to see if they would get cut. Because so many left they no longer needed to cut anyone and instead just rotated the game squad. In a way they did cut people just by threatening to cut. By proposing a change like that which would alter how everything functioned, you have to wonder if that wasn’t the plan all along.

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