Ford’s Rant #5: WHAT- No Opinions


The Nick Beard Opinion Board has been empty all year – and I just found out it was empty most of last year too. What’s up with that? I thought this was a school filled with intelligent, argumentative with-it young minds – articulate, willing. Does this fabled school – famed for its 110% college acceptance rate and five Merit Scholars and out-of-sight SAT scores really have NO OPINIONS ? Really?

Or is it just not cool to have – or at least to display – opinions here at the oh-so-achieving Hanover High School? Are we really supposed to keep our thoughts and opinions to ourselves lest we look aggressive and foolish? Are we only supposed to have well-researched and logical, non-controversial opinions about things?

I don’t think so.

And by the way, speaking of college acceptance: don’t forget the college admissions dweebs really do seem to want your opinions – in 25 minutes of spontaneous essay on the SAT and of course in the more deeply personal application essay.

So maybe it would be a good idea to begin forming some opinions – good solid ones of course, not raging flame-jobs. And also get better at articulating them in an organized and persuasive fashion. Therefore, as your concerned and facilitative adult – and one who doesn’t give you a grade – let me give you some topics that you can begin to form opinions about.

And remember there is really no right or wrong opinion. Well maybe not really, but they are all arbitrary, tightly held and subject to change – usually when real information rears its ugly head – but that only happens sometimes. So try these topics out and be civil, respectful of other’s opinion (yeah, right) and don’t blast them all over cyberspace.

Start with these and don’t forget The Broadside would love to have you get involved in contributing to them – even with opinions – which are important in real newspapers.

What is your opinion on:

  1. The Death Penalty – currently in play in medieval new hampshire
  2. The 18 year old drinking age – why 18 anyway? A nd don’t even think about enforcement
  3. The 16 year old smoking age – I thought smoking was outlawed already
  4. The 21 year old voting age – Given the results, let’s let 10 year olds vote
  5. The 18 year old marriage age – (13 years old with parents’ consent !!!! in NH). This is an actual laugh riot.

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