C.A.P.P.S. Class Win At UVM

By Sarah Ramírez

Throughout the first semester, the HHS C.A.P.P.S. class had one thing on their mind and one thing only:  How can we build the most efficient and effective safety shelter? 
You may be wondering why anyone at Hanover High would be focused on such an obscure prodject, but the C.A.P.P.S. class (taught by Kevin Lavigne) had a motive: A University of Vermont contest, hosted by .the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences. The idea of the contest was simple: Make an emergency shelter that would be easy to put up, hold as many people as possible, and be able to withstand nature (all within a low cost). Teams of five people were judged on the overall design,  space usability, set up speed, packing density, marketing, lightness, occupant protection, and more. 

From Hanover, there were four teams sent out to compete with high school and middle school teams from all over the state. The Hanover High teams focused mostly on designing tent-like structures, using light but durable materials (such as aluminum). 
Overall, the Hanover teams fared well in the competition. The Power Team (including Esra Kuehlert, Nathaniel Brown, Isabelle Dietz, Jared Geilich, and Elizabeth Tolman) obtained first place in set up speed, winning a $100 prize for the school. Team Karakoran (including Chris Stephens, Emily Eickhoff, Sam Greenwood, Scout Wallace, and Ethan Wilcox) tied for first place with another Hanover team, PS1: Miami (including Andrew Kittredge, Jackson Blum, Priscilla Tengdin, Keegan Gantrish,  and Connor Bentivoglio) in the Marketing awards, both teams winning first place and $500 for the school. Lastly, the Hanover Team Kimbunga (including Evan Liu, Sasha Kahan, Darcy Anderson, Claire Wild, and Min Yu) won third place in marketing and were awarded $100 dollars for the school.
Other teams Hanover competed against included Sharon Academy, Missiquoi Valley Union High School, Mt. Mansfield Union High School, St. Johnsbury Academy, Milton High School, and more. According to Fox News, the contest drew about 300 students (both middle and high school).  The idea of the competition was to apply engineering backgrounds in aid of humantarian efforts. 
With the contest now over,  C.A.P.P.S. is still hard at work. What is there project this time? The are studying Robotics with legos. Only time will tell what engineering wonders these students will create next. 

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