Council Update 1/9/11

By Jennie Frishtick

Done: The 100 Point GPA Motion failed after debate. We also spent a good portion of our meeting discussing the HHS Honor Code. This is the part of the Academic Integrity Policy that states that a student must tell someone if they see a classmate cheating in any way (copying homework, cheating on a test, etc.). The Code does not say the student must report them to the Administration, it just says they need to tell someone–a parent, a teacher, another adult. We discussed the possibility of cutting this part of the Policy due to the fact that it does not seem to be followed. We found, though, that it’s probable that most students don’t even know about the existence of this part of the policy. We decided to, instead of getting rid of it, try to advertise the fact that this exists, and that all students should try their best to follow it.

In the Works: The Council sub-committee OEC has been revising the Council By-Laws (the rules we follow on Council), and they brought these revisions the our meeting on Friday to look over them as a full Council. 

Coming Up: We are going to take a look at a survey that could be used to evaluate our Guidance Counselors. This is being brought to Council due to the fact that academic teachers are evaluated during and after each course, but there is no effective way to give feedback about Guidance Counselors. Also, we will be looking at a motion about switching Common Ground to Friday and Council to Thursday. The rationale behind this motion is that it might be more effective in communicating with the rest of the student body concerning what we are doing in Council, because Council meetings would take place the day before Common Ground.
Stay tuned for more!

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