HHS Chess Club

Chess SetThere are many opinions about chess as a game. Some think its long and tedious with convoluted rules and crazy names, while others think it to be a thought provoking and sharpening mental challenge.  No matter your opinion of chess, you should still learn to play chess and to do so stop by Chess Club. Chess Club is a small but ever growing group of students who meet every Monday and Friday in room 207 to play casual games of chess or any variation thereof.  It is always open to new members or walk-in players. Player in Chess Club range in skill to seasoned veterans who are practicing to keep their skills sharp to beginners who are still learning the minutia of chess. For those in Chess Club who are committed to Chess, there are tournaments around the state that are open for participants. Currently the Chess Club is looking to put together a 4 member team for a Team Tournament this coming April. Any brave souls who would want to participate can contact either Karthik Gomathinayagam or Jack Roberts.

Chess Club is not just a place that the chess enthusiasts of HHS gather, but a place where anyone can go and play a game or just learn about chess. So if you are a true chess lover, a chess beginner, or just looking for a way to pass the time come on down and play chess with the Chess Club.


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