Team, Power, Compassion and Fight

By Ziqi Zheng

It all started with one school day. What I thought would be a normal day of classes turned out to be a bit more. Everywhere I looked, there was at least one kid sporting the maroon jersey of Hanover. As I walked down the hallways, all I could hear was talk of the game later that night. Who’s going to win? What will be the score? Everywhere, I could hear these questions being passed back and forth. It seemed as though the entire school was engulfed in only one thing: football.

Ladies and gentlemen, football season has officially begun.

This year’s squad, led by Head Coach Mike Ivanoski, consists of  40 boys. The co-captains, seniors James Harvard and Daniel Gorman, look after the team; their job is not only to always put in 100% effort, but also to set an example for the other members of the team.

The Hanover Marauders are looking for a successful season—not just in terms of winning, but in terms of winning with professionalism. Hanover Football may not have holstered many championships, but has won sportsmanship awards several times before.

To quote James Harvard, “Winning doesn’t come at the price of sportsmanship, but they are both attainable goals. This year we want to win and be a professional, sportsmanship-like team.”

Like the NFL rebounding from a lockout, the Marauders are trying to bounce back from last season.

“Last year we were a very young team, and now, with a year of experience, we can do much better. We are also coming together as a team very rapidly, and if we fix a few things, we can be very successful this year,” explained Robbie Sabatelle, a junior.

When it comes to Hanover Football, all agree that they’re  like a family, because everyone looks out for each other. It’s all about having heart for the game and respect for others. Even though there are two captains, any individual can step up and become a leader.

“Leadership on our team is not determined by the captain voting that took place during two-a-days. Although James and I are the co-captains week in and week out, there are almost always anywhere from one to three other honorary captains each week,” said Daniel Gorman. These honorary captains are chosen by the coaches for their work ethic, leadership, determination, and performance. Because everyone has a chance of being an honorary captain, no one on the team has a ‘number one’ mentality.

Despite a rocky start with losses to Laconia and Trinity, two of the toughest teams in the division, Hanover answered back big with a tremendous win over Lebanon. It had been a game everyone was looking forward to. For years, Hanover and Lebanon have held strong grudges against each other. There’s no denying that both teams wanted this game. Hanover knew they had to win this game for the school, the town, and themselves.

With each touchdown, the uproarious crowd grew louder. Every tackle drew cheers or boos from the fans. In the end, the Marauders crushed the Raiders, and the crowd went nuts. Winning the game 27-0, the Marauders proved themselves a team to be reckoned with.

Despite a heartbreaker again-st Kennet on the 23rd, the team is looking forward to the Homecoming game against Plymouth. It’s going to be a big game for Hanover. The boys back home are more than ready to tackle the challenge.

This year’s squad is as hungry as ever. They know they are a powerful team, and they’re out to prove it. With a handful of games still left on the schedule, the Marauders plan on making a push for the playoffs. Fueled by strong camaraderie and determination, Hanover stands strong in the eyes of adversity.

“To put it simply, we want to have a season of no regrets. We want to work hard as a team and progressively get better at each opportunity to do so,” Harvard said.

“This team works so hard and is so ready to plow forward, and this season has been a ton of fun already only three weeks in,” Gorman added.

Here’s to a great season!

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