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"Dallas Buyers Club" stars Matthew McCounaghey and plays at the Nugget this December.

Dallas Buyers Club Movie Review

Tolerance of ‘different’ people is something that some people may not have regardless of how much they think that they do.  Jean-Marc Valeé’s Dallas Buyers Club is a movie filled with gambling, bull riding,...

A student studies in the HHS library.
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What is the Future of Books

Since the formation of the earliest civilizations, our desire to share knowledge has guided our cultural and technological development. Oral tradition prevailed for many generations as the primary means of preserving and sharing information,...


Holy Deadlines, Batman!

We all knew it was coming, but we didn’t know how fast it would come. Senior year is upon us. The first set of college applications is due this week, and we’ve got essays...


The One-to-One Program: IPads at RMS

Last Thursday, I sat down with Mr. Lepene, Associate Principal of the Richmond Middle School (RMS), to ask him about the 8th grade One-to-One program. This program provides each RMS 8th grader with an...

Mr Eskilsion

Magister Novus

Mr. Eskilon has come to HHS this year to replace our former Latin teacher of many years, Mr. Buck. He was first introduced to Latin when he took a survey course in college on...