Life, liberty — and Condoms?

Don’t you just hate it when you’re at the age where you’re mature enough to have sex but still not mature enough to buy your own condoms? That sounds a little pathetic, doesn’t it? Apparently that’s how many members of Council view the student body, based on the reasoning behind their “Free Condom” motion.

The basic idea of the motion is that if the school nurse provides free condoms out of her office, students who are unable to afford condoms or who are too embarrassed to buy them from a store would get them from the nurse instead, and then they would be able to have sex safely.

Saving the argument about the use of Council (i.e. Taxpayer) money for another time, there are several holes in this motion. Are we being led to believe that a student is supposedly to be more embarrassed and uncomfortable buying condoms from a store clerk that they might see only once a week compared to getting a condom from the nurse who they might have to see everyday at school and who might know their parents? Yeah, seems legit.

The issue of affordability is an equally big part of the motion. Having unprotected sex is risky and potentially dangerous, and if someone can’t afford to buy protection, then that person’s only sensible option is to not have sex. Having safe sex is a privilege, not a right. This relates to the title of this piece. Nowhere does it say that you have the right to a free condom. It is your responsibility to buy your own protection and therefore you have to do what the rest of us do when we need money to buy something…GET A JOB.

This motion came into existence as only a joke from last year, and that’s all it is now: a joke. This is a joke on the staff, by thinking that there aren’t more important issues than how students are able to have sex with one another, but the biggest joke is on you, the student body, and the punch line is that Council doesn’t think that you’re responsible enough to take care of yourself.

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  1. October 21, 2015

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