In a peaceful transition of power, junior class member Vincent Moore was named by acclamation the new General Editor of the Broadside – your school paper. This year’s General Editor, Conrad Koehler and the rest of  the Broadside staff believe it important to put next year’s staff together now and begin the new and improved Broadside as soon as possible. The new staff in addition to Moore are Caleb Winberry, Matthias Eilertsen, Danny Rorke and Chantel Putnam. Ford Daley is the Advisor.

General Editor Moore was quoted as saying the Broadside is the voice of Hanover High School and provides a chance for students who are not on the Council or other organizations to express their views and be involved in the discussions about our school and the life it provides to all of us.

Anyone interested in getting involved in the Broadside and being part of a great adventure here at Hanover High School as writer, cartoonist, photographer or production maven, contact Vincent or Ford right away. Time’s a-wastin’.