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Bursting my bubble

Over March Intensive Janet Daniels, Isa Barrington, my mom and I went to Haiti to do volunteer work. We stayed in a small village called Bois d’Avril in the mountains above Port-au-Prince. We stayed...

Holiday Basket Helpers

Perhaps the most rewarding way to be charitable this holiday season is to participate in the common ground Holiday Basket Helpers program. The HBH is an Upper Valley program run by the Partners in...


Red-Hot Bronze

For the tenth time in his career, Glenn Campbell stopped by the HHS Art Department to show students how to cast wax models into bronze. “It was unbelievably exciting. Every time we break open...

Elif Doganyigit (pronounced a-leaf・dahn-eat)

A New Face in Hanover

I was recently walking down the hall with a girl I had just met in my Journalism class. A pretty girl with impeccable fashion sense and butterfly tattoos, she struck me as an interesting...

From left to right: Rain Yesman, Alex Hohn, Paul Hurford, Josh Wallace, Matt Couture, Skye Cudney, Jack Fordy, Aset Foste

Photo courtesy of Christopher Stocken

Tech Area

Not excited about taking traditional art classes? You can take classes down in the Tech Area with Mr. Holloway to earn your art credits. He offers many classes geared for creative technical minds, such...


Pen of Iron Contest

The HHS Club Pen of Iron culminated its photo response contest last November. The winner, Jean-Luc Beaubien, received a $20 Co-op gift card. The contest was based on
 a photo taken of a young...