Favorite Holiday Traditions

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What are your favorite traditions for the holiday season? This is what we asked students and staff from Hanover High. Here’s what they had to say.

Decorating and Activities
“Cutting the tree, dragging it home, and transforming the living room….”
“Decorating our Christmas tree with my family”
“Going to New York for New Years”
“I love lighting the candles on the tree (don’t worry, they are strategically placed so the tree will not catch on fire).”

“The adults draw names on Christmas afternoon for stockings for NEXT Christmas. Having a whole year to fill them is so much fun — especially picking up special items when traveling. Santa fills the kids stockings, of course, but I think the adults have more fun opening their stockings than the kids do!!”
“I like how local children create snow people and leave them as sacrifices to the sun that it may return to us to melt their snowy flesh and thus bring spring. Also, sleigh rides.”
“Watching people open their gifts.”
Songs, Movies, Services and Books
“Watching History of the world part 1 by Mel Brooks”
“Watching “White Christmas” with my family”
“Singing carols”
“Having a fire and watching Christmas movies”
“Hearing about the War on Christmas”
“Cooking with my family and the services at my church, especially Lessons and Carols.”
“Watching Christmas movies”
“Caroling the neighborhood on Christmas Eve”
“Hikes in the snow and good music.”
“Christmas Eve Service at Hartland UU”
“Christmas Eve service, followed by everyone having McNamara’s eggnog at home and opening the annual Christmas Eve gift of new pajamas.”
“Watching movies with my family and drinking hot cocoa”
“My favorite tradition is a rather simple one. My grandparents from Virginia (my mom’s parents) have been coming to every Christmas for as long as I can remember. Every night before Christmas, my grandpa reads “T’was the night before Christmas” in front of a fire before we all head up to bed. It is nothing special but it is always very soothing and special to hear from grandpa read it. My family does not have a lot of traditions so I really value this one. It is also memorable because now whenever he reads it, it brings back memories of how excited I used to be for Christmas when I was young.”

“As a child it was reading The Night Before Christmas. As an adult I spend the season consuming only books that are Christmas/Holiday themed.”

“Family and friends dinner (for 22 and growing) party Christmas eve for a big dinner with all ages present then 9PM candlelight service at church with signing of Christmas hymns”
Food and Baking
“Baking Christmas Cookies with friends and family and decorating the house”
“Eating latkes and decorating the tree”
“Delivering food to those in need.”
“Mom making cookies for everyone and their families”
“Making a gingerbread house from my family’s 100-year-old German recipe.”
“Eating Chinese on Christmas, it’s an old Jewish tradition.”
“Making yummy food and sitting around watching movies with friends and family”

“Food. Homemade cinnamon rolls and spiral cut maple ham.”
“Decorating gingerbread houses with family.”
“Eating tenderloin with my family on Christmas Day.”
“Making Christmas cookies!!”

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