New Teacher Profile: Mr. Kelly

Let’s welcome Mr. Andrew Kelly to HHS, a new teacher in the math department! Born in Cincinnati, Mr. Kelly moved to New Hampshire
when he was 9. As a young child, he had always been interested in math and science, and he especially fell in love with physics in high school.
He loved how he could make sense of the world with numbers. He also enjoyed calculus because it connected everything he had learned in math up to that point. In college, Mr. Kelly double majored in physics and math.

Mr. Kelly first entered the world of teaching through tutoring, introduced by a friend. Tutoring really clicked for him. Aside from the high demand for tutors, Mr. Kelly loved going through the process of solving math with students. Being able to help high school students in math by learning their perspectives and shaping his tutoring to suit their needs was not only helpful to the students but to him as well, as he could continue to learn and study math through new lenses, even with topics he thought he knew fairly well. After a few years of tutoring, Mr. Kelly changed focus from tutoring to teaching, and got the opportunity to teach at HHS around a year and a half ago.

Mr. Kelly said his favorite part of teaching is interacting with students individually and talking with them about math. Even when he was
tutoring, he loved talking with students about how they would solve problems, and that has carried over to his classroom teaching today.

The challenge of finding easy-to-follow ways to help students understand math is what makes teaching fun for Mr. Kelly. He also feeds off of enthusiasm in his subject. Teaching math is fun for him, but Mr. Kelly also just purely enjoys math and logical learning, and he wants to help students get better at it. So if you ever have a math question or just want to talk about math or anything to do with numbers, Mr. Kelly is your guy!

Outside of school, Mr. Kelly loves learning new things in all genres of life, and because of that, has quite a few hobbies. He has always been an active and outdoor-loving person. He played soccer as a kid and added tennis in high school, then in college also played volleyball. Nowadays, he’s into yoga, which he said helps him feel mentally and physically strong, as well as gardening. Mr. Kelly also plays chess. He started playing when he was 5 years old, and even placed in the New Hampshire High School Championship! Other pastimes include guitar, some occasional art, and supervising the math team at HHS.

It was great interviewing Mr. Kelly and learning about a new teacher at HHS. His enthusiasm and excitement in teaching and math make him a teacher and resource that anyone can come to for help. Welcome to the HHS community!




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