She’s The First: Exercise for Equality

On the weekend of November 12-14, the She’s the First chapter at HHS held their 2nd annual Exercise for Equality event. Exercise for Equality is a fundraiser where not only is there a set goal in terms of raising money, but there is also a mileage goal that the club hopes to achieve with the help of community members who are willing to exercise for a good cause! 

This year, Positive Tracks, the organization that promotes “Sweating for Good,” offered to partner with our She’s the First chapter. For every runner, biker, swimmer, or any other ‘exerciser’ that registered, they donated $5 (up to $1,000). Positive Tracks was also able to help us promote the event, both on their social media pages and through their email newsletters, which gained tons of publicity.

Our goal was to raise $2,000 and run 400 miles, and we ended up raising a little over $4,400 with Positive Track’s donation, with over 146 HHS participants (along with many who don’t attend HHS)! The event was held at the HHS track for runners to show up and run together while we logged their miles, but it was also possible to participate online, through the She’s The First Strava club, or the online spreadsheet where people could simply log their name and number of miles.

Having the remote option really increased our number of miles, making it a lot more accessible to more people and allowed us to expand our event beyond Hanover. We hope to keep making this event happen annually and can’t wait to see what happens next year!


Photos from the event:




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